Day 195

We’ve been waiting patiently and finally on the weekend Old Xian blessed us with another chapter of 19 Days with Day 195! The last update left the fandom slightly on edge, with many hoping Jian Yi will be left unscathed and hoping Old Xian wouldn’t let anything awful happen to him! So what happening now?

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Day 195 opens with Jian Yi’s mum asking He Cheng where her son is. He Cheng informs her that they are currently searching for him and informs her that the man’s only motive is to meet Sir (Sir being Mr. Jian, Jian Yi’s father). She quickly tells him she does not care for their business but sternly tells him that Jian Yi must be returned, unharmed.

In the next panel we see Jian Yi, he’s fine despite being in an awful situation. He is still in the warehouse with his hands tied behind his back and his leg in chains, he’s trying to think of a way to escape when he spots a large opening and makes a run for it!

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I really, really enjoyed this chapter! I’m glad this arc is moving swiftly along as the last panel on Day 194 left me feeling very uncomfortable. I’m glad that nothing horrible happened to Jian Yi and I’m pretty sure the fandom is too.
I was hoping that Jian Yi’s mother would save him herself, as in, literally go in there guns blazing, but this makes more sense, and safer for her. But you never know, circumstances might change in the next chapter and we’ll see her becoming more of a badass than she is now!

We are introduced to a new character in this chapter who has really captured the fandom’s attention. We have briefly met him before as a background character with no lines, but I believe he may play a pivotal role in Jian Yi’s and Zhang Xixi’s relationship.

I think it’ll be another chapter or two before we see He Tian and Mo Guanshan which is fair, they had a big story line before this so Old Xian is obviously going to give her main boys some attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if the story goes back and forth, back and forth between each pairing.

You can read 19 Days here!

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