It’s my favourite time of the week where I recap on one of my favourites manga’s around, 19 Days! This week Old Xian blessed us with some official art of Mo Guanshan and He Tian when they’re slightly older and when their together (SHIP CONFIRMED!). Underneath it’s captioned ‘Wait for them to grow up, there will definitely be a day”. I think you can all imagine how the fans dealt with this. We went slightly bananas. Now it’s not a matter of if, only when, and I cannot wait to see how their relationship develops!

So what did our four little noobs get up to?


This chapter begins where we left off with all the boys hanging out in He Tian’s flat. They’ve just finished their meals and they begin unwinding in the living. However Mo Mo has been left to do the dishes (BLESS), while the other three have fun in the living room, however Zhang Xixi wants to be left alone and begins his studies which makes Jian Yi’s heart skip a beat while Mo asks if he can copy it later!

Jian Yi and He Tian begin talking on the sofa. Jian Yi asks if friendship between two people is something that can last, He Tian honestly replies that he doesn’t know. Jian Yi continues by saying he’s more confused about himself and goes back to the question he asked before, He Tian loudly asks if it was about kissing which makes Mo’s ears burn and you can see him eaves dropping in the background. He Tian tells Jian Yi that sometimes you can’t help but want to pull closer because your hoping for a certain answer by that person, Jian Yi replies by saying ‘What if that person is a boy?’ to which He Tian asks ‘Are you talking about Zhengxi?’  which makes Jian Yi blush a new shade of red and puts a certain Mo Mo on his toes.



All this fluff is making me miss the angst, but then when it gets too angsty, I miss the fluff. I think this is building up to something quite big between Jian Yi and Zhengxi. They have a lot to overcome, especially as I feel Zhengxi doesn’t feel the exact same way (yet). He Tian explains his actions when he kissed Mo and we all know that he does really care and he wanted to close the gap between them. The way he did it was out of order though! But hopefully he’ll explain himself. Mo Mo is such a good little housewife too. Everyone is hoping he will leave wearing He Tian’s black jacket but I don’t think he’ll leave at all. I also feel that She Li is going to make his return…very…very..soon!

You can read 19 Days here!


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