19 Days is easily one of the most addictive mangas I have ever read. The last chapter left us on such a cliff hanger that I honestly couldn’t predict how this next chapter was going to pan out… Will Mo Mo get out of this? Will Jian Yi and Zheng be able to save him? What will happen to He Tian’s neck?!?! So many questions!!!


Day 185
Jian Yi and Zheng are still figuring out how they can save Guanshan from getting expelled. Zheng Xixi suggests that they need photo evidence that he wasn’t in school that day. Jian Yi is thrilled with the idea and decided to prove it himself, but as Zheng says, his word counts for nothing. One of our main female protagonists Xiao Hui tells the boys that she has photo proof he was definitely not near the school and the boys push into the teachers office. Jian Yi bursts proclaiming Mo is innocent. Inside the teachers office we see two young boys. It turns out that they were the ones who posted the lies about Mo online. Jian Yi confronts them and says that Guanshan wasn’t even near school at the time and the picture shows the time and location. The boys appear nervous and mumble ‘maybe… they have the wrong person’. Jian Yi is still not impressed and demands a 2000 word public apology. Guanshan doesn’t know what to say.

Cut to the next scene and Guanshan is walking along when He Tian pops into frame and says he’s heard from Jian Yi that his problem over there is settled, and that he had settled with She Li, who will not be bothering him anymore. Next minute we see He Tian holding his bloody hand up. Mo looks horrified and asks him why he didn’t go to the infirmary to which He Tian replies ‘I came to take my medical fees from you’. The last two hands slowly interlocking while Guanshan bites his lip.

Their fingers interlocked. Ship confirmed. I am BEYOND ecstatic about how things panned out! I love these two so much and I cannot wait to see how their relationship progresses from here. The way He Tian looks at Guanshan in the last panel is everything! He cares about him so much and his hand will probably need stitches but he doesn’t care. He wanted to see Guanshan. This was also a funny in parts courtesy of Jian Yi. I just love how he took charge instead of the teachers, he made everything lighthearted. I do love the fact Old Xian bought back some comic elements in this chapter, as it reminded me of the first few chapters.

What do I think will happen next? Well, I think Old Xian might keep it lighthearted for a while, and also He Tian and Guanshan’s relationship will now change. I can’t wait to see how! I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of She Li though, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next chapter will be about him and why he’s taken a certain liking to Jian Yi. One thing is for sure… I cannot wait until next week!

You can read 19 days here!

Credit to Old Xian

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