I’m currently OBSESSED (and that is putting it lightly) with the yaoi manga 19 days!! If you follow my Instagram will see that whenever a new chapter comes I will post it with all the spoilers!! I’ve been wanting to write these posts for a while, so better late than never am I right?! So here is my first mini overview on this amazing manga!

If you fancy reading the manga from the beginning then I recommend Mangafox.



In the first square we see Mo Guanshan can be seen in the teachers office where they tell him that what ‘he’ did is soo severe that it can be damaging to the reputation of the school. Jian Yi is outside worried and tells Zheng Xi that the situation is looking dire and whether they should come forward and tell them what they heard last (Mo made a deal that he would get expelled over petty theft but now he’s getting expelled and the police have been called because ‘he’ sexually assaulted a girl in a neighbouring school). Zheng explains to Jian that the teachers already do not trust Mo, so they try to find another way to help…

Outside our resident rat She Li has just been confronted by He Tian who explains to him that when it comes to Mo ‘his business is my business’ and ends planting one right on She Li’s face (good boy). Another student attempts to get involved by He Tian throws him to the side and states ‘everyone else back off…’, this punch has no affect on She Li who tries to land a punch on He Tian who dodges it effortlessly and has pinned on his back. In the last two panels we see She Li on his back saying “Hey…don’t move your neck too much” which then cuts to the next panel and we see He Tian with a nail by his neck. He states “If you’ve got the balls then why don’t you try it…”


This chapter was too much for my little heart to handle!!! She Li is playing dirty tricks and I do not like it!! Unfortunately I do believe that He Tian will get badly hurt in the next chapter, which of course will progress his relationship with our sweet little cinnamon roll Guanshan. I also believe that He Tian’s brother will return on the scene if his brother is badly injured. I’m really happy that all the characters are crossing over instead of each pair having their own separate stories.


I honestly cannot wait for the next chapter. Will He Tian be okay?? Will Mo be okay?! WILL ANY OF THEM BE OKAY?!?!?!?!?

19 Days was translated by yaoi-blcd


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