The 100 season 5 premieres in spring 2018 and from what show creator Jason Rothenberg said at Comic Con, it’s going to be a doozy. But we can’t help but wonder… what inspiration will Rothenberg draw on for the new season? He’s already pulled from lots of classics

Someone interning at The CW has definitely tried to tell Rothenberg that he’s straight up snagging content from famous franchises. Right? Let’s imagine how some of these conversations could have gone down.

Lexa’s death in Episode 03×07, “Thirteen”
(Tara’s death in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode 06×19, “Seeing Red”)

Jason Rothenberg: So he fires the gun, but the bullet hits Lexa, and she dies in Clarke’s arms.
Intern: Right after they have sex?
JR: It adds emotional weight.
Intern: That’s… no. That literally happened on Buffy. Also, no.
JR: Buddy? I don’t know her.
JR: And then they pull a robot out of Lexa’s spine.

Octavia falls off the cliff in Episode 4×04, “A Lie Guarded” / Octavia rescued by her horse
(Aragorn falls off the cliff in The Two Towers / Aragorn rescued by Brego)

Jason Rothenberg: Octavia and Echo fight, and Echo stabs Octavia. She falls off a cliff.
Intern: Doesn’t Marie have more episodes in her contract?
JR: Wait! Then, her horse finds her on the edge of the river and carries her back to camp.
Intern: Like Aragorn?
JR: What?
Intern: That’s right out of The Lord of the Rings. When Aragorn falls off a cliff and is rescued by his horse.
JR: No, this is completely original.
Intern: Not all who wander are lost, I guess.

Clarke realigns the dish in Episode 4×13, “Praimfaya”
(Jyn realigns the dish in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)

Jason Rothenberg: Clarke does everything like Raven said, but the dish isn’t aligned. She has to climb the tower to fix it and she can see Praimfaya coming for her.
Intern: That happened in Rogue One.
JR: I haven’t heard of that.
Intern: It’s… the latest Star Wars movie…?
JR: I’ve only seen the original trilogy.
JR: Nothing else matters.
JR: Anyway, then her helmet breaks and she coughs up blood in Becca’s lab.

This piece was co-written by Reed DeLuca.

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