In season four of The 100, our favorite delinquents are scrambling to find a way to survive Nuclear Apocalypse 2: This Time It’s Personal. That sounds like the kind of thing that would take up all of a person’s time and energy, but since this is a CW show, there’s also hefty doses of romance floating around.

There’s also, of course, a lot of moments that have given wind to ships that will never sail.

Although The 100 boasts a decent number of LGBT characters, it definitely has its issues with representation. That being said, there have been plenty of exchanges between characters that I now ship fully, completely, devotedly, because I know who I am and I’m okay with it.

Plus, the Internet mostly backs me up on these. I don’t have to look far for validation.

Here’s a handful of moments on The 100 that have absolutely no heterosexual explanation whatsoever. Like, none.

1×01: Pilot

Octavia stripping off her clothes and then tantalizingly asking a group of boys (plus Clarke!) to go swimming with her is framed like softcore fantasy. Notice that although Jasper, Finn and Monty all stare, it’s Clarke’s jaw that dips closest to the ground.

I feel you, girl. I wouldn’t have expected her to take off her clothes without prompting, either.

It would be easy to say that she’s worried about Octavia swimming because they don’t know what’s in the water, but that’s boring and also, probably, not true. After all, we learn later that Clarke is just a space bi doing her best to save humanity. This is a great initial nod to her interest in girls.

3×01: Wanheda, Pt. 1

So, Nathan Miller has a boyfriend, who’s been mentioned before this scene and is later discovered alive. That’s great! But his flirting with Monty in season two was real, okay?

Enter Violent Femmes’ “Add It Up” for a little group roadtrip singalong and you have the perfect ingredients for some Extra Flirting. Perhaps the writers did this for all the “Minty” shippers out there whose dreams were crushed by the appearance of Miller’s boyfriend in the next episode?

Probably. Miller does grab Monty’s arm during the line, “but something won’t let me make love to you.” RIP, Minty dreams. At least we’ll always have the rover.

4×06: We Will Rise

Raven goes off on Murphy in this scene, for all the right reasons. But when Luna hears her screaming and then grabs Raven to calm her down, it’s hard to focus on… basically anything except how much Raven and Luna are touching.

Their mouths are so close. There’s no reason they shouldn’t just touch.

Both these women have had male love interests in previous seasons, Big Loves that were killed because of all the awful crap happening in the world. I’m not saying that’s a valid reason that they should hook up before the death wave comes later this season, I’m just saying that their mouths are really close in that scene. I’m just saying. Gosh.

The 100 returns from hiatus on Wednesday, April 26 at 9 p.m. on the CW. Tune in for more subtextual (and textual) romance before the nuclear apocalypse happens. Again.

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