Friday evening it was announced that Netflix would not be moving forward with a third season of Iron Fist despite massive improvements. The news shocked and disappointed many while others scrambled to draw their own baseless conclusions. The first season of Iron Fist drew a ton of criticism which was warranted in many cases. But in the world of hot takes and social media, sensible arguments are often drowned out. Netflix and Marvel listened to the criticisms and went ahead with a complete overhaul starting by replacing Scott Buck. The new crew put effort into training the actors and planning the fights while the new writers dug deep into the Iron Fist mythos. This resulted in a season that was on par with the first season of Daredevil and the second best sophomore outing of the Netflix franchise.

Marvel’s Iron Fist

Another reason this is shocking is because we know the third season of Jessica Jones is in production despite a drastic drop in quality and repeated controversial plot points. Like the show’s treatment of every minority that they introduce. And it’s believe that the third season of Luke Cage will be officially announced in the coming days. There’s a lot of speculation that the announcement has something to do with Disney’s competing streaming service. And honestly, that’s the least likely culprit. Disney won’t be adding any mature content to the service. All mature content will be heading to Hulu which they received ownership of as part of the Fox merger. Fans who never gave the second season a chance are spamming Daughters of the Dragon or relaunch with Lewis Tan. The latter is simply a pipe dream and Lewis wouldn’t have saved that mess of a first season.

Marvel’s Luke Cage

There are two very likely reasons why this show was canned. The first is Marvel negotiated with Netflix to begin a shutdown of it’s Marvel properties. Let Luke finish his arc and let Punisher and Jones wrap production. The second and most likely reason; they’re going to go ahead with Heroes For Hire after the third season of Luke Cage. The second season left him in a very dangerous situation that he will likely need his closest allies to get out of. Going from kingpin to full blown Hero For Hire makes the most sense for his arc. There will probably be more news after the third season of Daredevil is released next Friday.

Finn also released a statement via Instagram that may hint at a possible future for Danny

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