Tan Jiu has brought out another instalment of Tamen De Gushi with chapter 128, and the fandom cannot be happier! Tamen De Gushi comes out every two weeks or so and you haven’t read it yet you must! It’s a sweet yuri webcomic  on how the relationship of Sun Jing and Qiu Tong began. So far Sun Jing has confessed her feelings to Qiu Tong who cannot return her feelings as of yet! In the last chapter Sun Jing’s basketball team is currently in a match with Qui Tong’s school’s basketball team and their underdog just scored her first goal. So what’s happened since?

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Since Xiao Cang (the female of South High) scored her goal the South high team have gained momentum and are dominating sun Jing Second High team. The Second High team are now feeling the pressure and are losing 28 to 36! Sun Jing attempts to stop the other player from scoring but fails to do so. All the Second High players are beginning to flack including Sun Jing. Qiu Tong is still watching from the side lines while the crowd gathered around the game are shouting their support for South High

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Even though the ending of the chapter is sweet it’s left on a cliffhanger and I cannot predict what’s going to happen next in terms of the match. In the last chapter I believed that Sun Jing was ignoring Qiu Tong, however this chapter has confirmed that I was mistaken, she actually didn’t see her (since she was so focused on the game).

I also love the new confidence in Xiao Cang, she’s such a cinnamon roll but since she scored once her confidence has grown. I hope we see more of her story soon, I would love to see how her relationship with the Second High bully progresses.

Even though I have enjoyed this arc of the webcomic I do hope we move onto something else soon. I miss Qin Xiong and I would love to see more interactions between him and my favourite character, Upperclassman.

You can read Tamen De Gushi here!

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