Survivors’ Club #7 Review

I love smart, original horror. Books like The Haunting of Hill House. Movies like Hellraiser. Videogames like Fatal Frame. I love horror that goes beyond the undead, serial murderer slicing up teenagers and raises questions that aren’t inherently scary like repressed memories or sexual desire. It affects you more and stays with you for a lasting horror experience. So imagine my surprise that I’d yet to hear about Survivors’ Club, a comic series seven issues in that’s dark and twisted and definitely outside the box.

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GrizzlyShark #1 Review

The idea of a shark in the forest might sound vaguely familiar to you. Back in 2010 Ryan Ottley wrote SeaBear & GrizzlyShark, a comic about a bear in the sea and a shark in the forest. He’s back six years later with a standalone GrizzlyShark comic, while Jason Howard (Astounding Wolfman, Trees) is working on a standalone SeaBear comic.

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