Mobile games are ever evolving, and they are taking an increasingly big slice of the gaming pie as devices get powerful enough to accommodate new features, new graphic engines and more. Having said that, games are not only evolving in gameplay, they are also evolving in style and graphics. So, what are the most eye catching mobile games on today’s app market? This is exactly what we’re going to discuss next.

Casino Games: Amazing Eye Candy, Good Variety
First of all, there’s a mobile gaming genre that has a lot of stylish games. There are a lot of apps that, like Mfortune online casino, represent the stylish atmosphere you are used to enjoy in iconic places like Las Vegas.
You know online casinos are the most stylish places on earth, with all those elegant decorations, the exciting ambiance, all the different colors of the colorful games and the lights blinking north and south.
Mobile games in this genre are no exception, and they bring style to the mix by emulating this sleek atmosphere.

Sleek Hidden Object Games
Hidden Object games are another categorie you should look at. As the games in this genre are not very demanding when it comes to programming due to their simple gameplay, developers free up a lot of resources to bet on strong aesthetics and hiring designers to create jaw dropping art.

Hidden object puzzle apps are some of the best looking games currently on the market, and we’re sure you stumbled upon one or two that had such a beautiful artwork that you cannot seem to find any other game genre rivaling that perfection.

But there is another one which gets very close…

Slot Machine Games: Stand Alone
Like hidden object games, slots you find on online slot sites are also pretty simple to program. This makes it so that not only the developers bet more on looks and eye-candy like on the previous entry of this list, they also have the added pressure of replicating the stylish look of offline slot machines as well.

These are two great reasons that make this genre another powerhouse of stylish mobile games.

Gallery Collectible Puzzle Games
There’s a new kind of mobile game where you’re playing for the art itself. These games include:
-Image Puzzles;
-Image Auction Games;
-Wallpaper Bundle Games

…and more.

Through these games you unlock professionally done art you can collect in your virtual galleries in order to build a temple to art beauty. A stylish experience, no doubt.

A+ Titles in 3D Engines
Finally, you have to consider A+ titles with huge budgets and a professional team of dozens of developers.
We’re talking about acclaimed games that arrived to mobile in full force, with their 3D Engines and Game Engines developed for professional results. One of these games is Lineage 2, but it is far from being the only choice you have when it comes to triple A mobile titles. A niche you should be on the lookout for since they will sure multiply in force.

Match 3 Style Games
Finally, we have match 3 games like Candy Crush saga or bejeweled. These games are all similar in gameplay, so they compete on aesthetics more than anything. Having said that, it is natural that they try to surpass their rivals in this field as much as possible, creating some of the most beautiful pieces on the market.

One thing is for sure, with the growth of the mobile market, mobile games and apps will only get prettier.

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