It’s the time where we gorge ourselves on festive feasts and spend time with loved ones, showering them with gifts that (you hope) they will love and cherish for years and years to come! But sometimes finding the right gift is hard, especially if your son/daughter is a complete weeaboo trash, like my fine self. Mam always struggles to buy me gifts, even though I’m regarded as quite easy to buy for (figurines, books, DVDs, and food). If you’re like my Mam and refuse to enter a comic book shop, then there are plenty of websites out there that sell some awesome geek stuff! One of my personal favourites is Shut Up and Take My Yen.

Shut Up and Take my Yen is a free online magazine which is run by Weeaboo’s for Weeaboo’s. While they’re not watching anime they display and sell the best of anime/gaming Japanese related merchandise. Many items listed on the site return a small commission for referral (Etsy, Amazon, etc). They will post anything and everything and they post some really cute stuff too! They also take requests for getting your products you think belong there on their website.

So, what do they have to offer? Well here are some of my favourite items on their website!

DIY Kiki’s Delivery Service House


How adorable is this?!  This DIY papercraft kit allows you to build a miniature replica of the Okinos’ house from Kiki’s Delivery Service. All you need are some basic cutting tools, glue, and tweezers and then you’ll be all set to build this detailed model.
Price: $28. Great price right?! A must for any Studio Ghibli fan

Kirby Bathroom Mat


HOW CUTE IS THIS KIRBY MAT!?!? Kirby’s face is embroidered on a pink and fluffy nylon rug with a latex back to prevent slipping.
Price: $50. That’s pretty expensive for a bathroom rug, but if you’re a die-hard fan this is pretty perfect!

Pokeball Terrariums


Pokemon has been HUGE in 2016! With Pokemon Go and the original cards coming back out on top of the new games you are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to Pokemon gifts. However, this gift is different and also a must for any Pokemon fan. Each of these terrariums are handmade from diorama crafting supplies and Pokemon figures to give you a peek inside of what really goes on in a Pokeball.
Price: $30

Whisky Flavoured Pocky


Everyone likes Pocky! One of the sweetest confectioneries to ever descend on the West coast and, of course, it comes in a variety of flavours including whisky. This new version of the chocolate-covered pretzel sticks goes very well with a nice, cold glass of whisky. The taste is richer and more bitter, helping to give each piece the aroma of whisky.
Price: $24. Jesus, that’s expensive.

Bulbasaur Planter


Okay I’ve been eyeing this up for a few months and can you blame me?! Look at it! It’s so bloody adorable! Watch Bulbasaur grow and his bulb flourish with one of these 3D printed planters shaped like the little grass type Pokemon. Bulbasaur’s small size makes him an ideal decoration piece for your desk or windowsill.
Price: $8. I’ll buy 10!

You can visit the website here!

Rhian Dixon
I'm a photographer and lifestyle blogger for my very own website . A manga and anime enthusiast who trains Super Saiyan style, I'm also partial to buying Asian films and never watching them x

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