Seven to Eternity #10

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Jerome Opeña
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth
Publisher: Image Comics

The much anticipated return of Rick Remender’s and Jerome Opeña’s opus, Seven to Eternity #10, does not disappoint. Adam and the Mud King continue their travels in the newest arc of this entertaining fantasy comic. The pair seeks the mythical Springs of Zhal, where Adam hopes to cure his disease and fulfill an offer to the God of Whispers. Part road comic, part thought piece, Remender’s return to the world of the mosak and the wastelands is a story about family, loyalty, and the choices we make to survive.

The blurry line between hero and villain gets even blurrier in this issue. Adam learns more about his nemesis as they escape from the moss weavers and head toward the Springs. The Mud King’s origin continues to surprise, as do his thoughtful opinions about leadership and morality. Adam’s relationship to this complex character is now at the heart of this story. We cannot help but wonder what the Mud King wants from him. And, we expect Adam will pay for his betrayal as his daughter closes in on him.

The art continues to elevate Remender’s elegant, meaningful storytelling. Too many compliments have already been offered at the careful and imaginative world created by Opeña for me to add anything new or original. Just know that he has ruined balloon worlds for any other artist who dares bring them to life. But what really makes this comic is Matt Hollingsworth’s coloring. The lush and dense hues bring the action to life and provide for a mood that compliments Remender’s intense and heady story.

Verdict: Buy it.

Despite the hiatus, this comic has not lost any steam. Remender and Opeña are back on track with Seven to Eternity #10, a comic I rate as a strong BUY.

Jim Allegro

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