It’s Wednesday, my dudes, and that means it’s New Comic Book Day! There are tons of new comics hitting the shelves of your local comic shops every week, and it’s not always easy deciding what to get, let alone what you should add to your pull boxes. So we’ve put together the Rogues Portal Pull List to show you the best comics that you might have missed! Here’s what we’re getting and what you should check out today!

Rogues’ Essentials

Low Road West #3

  • Low Road West is a unique take on the post-apocalyptic YA genre, and it continues to deliver an affecting tale. – Anelise
  • This story has quickly gone places that I did not expect. It has been a fun and unique story. – Greg
  • Keeps getting crazier and crazier…will the third issue make it even crazier? Great story, great characters…I’m hooked. – Michael

Middlewest #1

  • Middlewest promises history, family folklore, and a talented creative team to boot. – Anelise
  • Young has started to show that he is much more than just silly cartoonish stories. Middlewest promises to keep that going. I cannot wait to see where it takes us. – Greg

Night Moves #1

  • Noir occult tale? Yes, please. – Anelise
  • Ditto, Anelise. – Michael

Anelise’s Picks

Exorsisters #2
The first issue was full of lighthearted demon-raising fun. Hoping for more of the same!

Jughead The Hunger #10
Modern day horror tales with the Riverdale crew are so much fun.





Christoph’s Picks

Archie #700
I had never read an Archie comic before, mainly because I never knew where to begin, but this is supposedly a good jumping on point. Let’s hope for the best.

Batman #59
Every Batman week is a good week!




Greg’s Picks

Cold Spots #4
I feel like every week I recommend a Cullen Bunn horror book. He continues to deliver some wonderful stories that any fan of horror will enjoy.

Cover #3
It seems like Bendis has been rejuvenated since coming over to DC. Cover has been filled with mystery action while building an interesting story. Really a Must Read.

Mr. And Mrs. X #5
Kelly Thompson continues to highlight exactly who Rogue and Gambit are. This one always goes to the top of my read pile every month.


Josh’s Picks

Quantum And Woody #12
Q&W are trying out for Valiant’s super team: Unity. It’s the final issue.

Shadowman #9
Man bonded with a voodoo spirit hunts for the most dangerous magician on earth. Diggle is killing it on Shadowman.





Michael’s Picks

Burnouts #3
This series has been a lot of fun. Looking forward to the next chapter of these unlikely heroes.

Lucifer #2
First issue was probably the best of the Sandman Universe so far. Can’t wait to see where we go from the stellar beginning.




Stacy’s Picks

Firefly Big Damn Hero Novel HC
An original prose novel set in the ‘Verse of Firefly? Shiny.

Go-Bots #1
Go-Bots?! Tom Scioli?! I’m in.






Graphic Novels

24 Panels TP
This charity anthology for the survivors of the Grenfell Fire in London consists of 24 stories, each told in 24 panels with contributions by Kieron Gillen amongst others. I am definitely going to pick that up! – Christoph

Brave And The Bold Batman And Wonder Woman HC
Batman, Wonder Woman, and Celtic mythology! – Josh

DC Comics Novels Harley Quinn Mad Love HC
A prose novelization of the classic comic, co-written by Paul Dini himself? Count me in. – Stacy

Faith Deluxe Edition Volume 1 HC
Faith is one of the best comics on the shelves, and now you can own it in a deluxe hardcover! It’s the perfect time to get on board. – Stacy

Grass Kings Volume 3 HC
This is just a fun story about a small community, and a great mystery! – Josh

Unnatural Volume 1 Awakening TP
An anthropomorphic animal world filled with social commentary, characters to fall in love with and a story that just feels fresh. And don’t forget about those disturbing piggy-porn pin-up variant covers. This series has everything. – Christoph

Venom By Donny Cates Volume 1 Rex TP
I only heard good things about Venom and can’t wait to get my hands on Volume 1. – Christoph

X-Files Case Files Volume 1 TP
It’s the X-Files. Need I say more? – Anelise

That’s all we have for this week! Thanks for checking out the Rogues Portal Pull List! We’ll be back next week with a brand new list for you to check out. Same Bat-Time. Same Bat-Channel!

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