The season finale of Rick and Morty is this Sunday (NOOOOOOOO). If you’re like me, you’re probably devastated. In a fetal position shaking back and forth in the corner of your room and wondering how you’re going to survive the next two years without your favourite grandpa and grandson duo.


As we all prepare for withdrawals, I decided to create a fun article involving myself and my Rogues Portal family! The Rick and Morty Dream Cast! That’s right ladles and jellies, we at Rogues Portal have pooled together to come up with our Rick and Morty dream cast!! 

Now, before you get too excited… there isn’t going to be a live action. We’re just doing this for shits and giggles because all of us at the Rogues Portal team can’t accept the fact that our favourite show is coming to an end!! What are we going to choose for our staff ‘Pick of the Week’ now?!

Anyway, deciding who we thought was the perfect fit for each character proved ten times more difficult than I previously thought. My first choice for Rick was Billy Bob Thornton (yeah I don’t know either) but after much discussion, research and going through every IMDB pages for the best middle-aged actors, I have finally decided on the Rick and Morty dream cast!!

Rick Sanchez – Peter Capaldi
It’s Peter Capaldi or Billy Bob Thornton, which one would YOU prefer?! All joking aside, if anyone is going to bring Rick Sanchez alive it would be Peter Capaldi! Some of you may know Mr. Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor in Doctor Who, so you may not be able to picture him as the genius grandpa of animation, but have you ever seen him in ‘The Thick of It‘? Watch that. Then try and tell me he isn’t perfect for the role!!

Morty –  Jack Dylan Grazer/Tom Holland
He may not be a household name yet, but after giving a stellar performance in IT as the placebo-taking Eddie Kaspbrak. I believe that Jack would give a solid performance as Morty!! His acting style would be perfect. I do feel he may need to grow up slightly before taking on the role since he’s only 14. Tom Holland was also thrown around, but he is too old to play Morty now.

Beth – Elizabeth Banks
If anyone could pull off Beth, it would be Pitch Perfect Queen Elizabeth Banks. She looks exactly like Beth. I believe she can nail Beth’s cold-hearted bitch personality down to a tee. If you couldn’t guess – I hate Beth, she’s a nasty pasty. I can already picture Miss Banks pouring wine all over her shaky hand after shooting Mr. Poopybutthole. She would win Grammy’s with that scene!

Summer – Tanya Reynolds
Now, I know none of you would’ve heard of Tanya Reynolds. She’s a young British actress who appeared in the British TV series Delicious, also starring Dawn French (if you haven’t watched it WATCH IT!! It’s one of the best television shows I’ve ever seen). I believe that by playing Summer, it would broaden her acting chops!! Watch this space as I feel this youngster is going to be HUGE one day!!

Gerry – Chris Parnell
Gerry proved to be the most difficult character to cast. He’s such a wimp, and every actor that was suggested was waaay too handsome to take on the role of Gerry. We decided that Chris Parnell himself should play Gerry. For those of you who don’t know, Chris Parnell does the voice of Gerry and also knows the character down to a tee!! He is perfect for the part!!!

Bird Person – Sean Penn 
Sean Penn is exactly how I pictured Bird Person would look like if he were real!! Sean Penn is a good enough actor that he could pull off Bird Person. This character is open to casting!! Who would you like to see playing Bird Person? Comment below!!

Josh’s Choice
Rick Sanchez – A Pickle
If it’s a live action movie or TV series, we need Pickle Rick. And the only one able to play that part with all the emotions and intensity of that character is a pickle. We can have CGI of the live action Rick’s face imposed on the pickle, and we can employ the services of Jim Henson Co. to help our heroic pickle perform all the necessary and impossible feats of Pickle Rick. Cast me that pickle.

Insha’s Choice
Summer – Holland Roden & Morty – Noah Schnapp
I just started watching this show this week. I’m confused, intrigued and already hooked. I only have two casting choices because I’m still not super familiar with the show, but I couldn’t pass up a prime opportunity for some good ‘ol fan casting. 

For Summer, I want to cast Holland Roden from Teen Wolf fan. Holland has almost single-handedly carried Teen Wolf on her back for the last couple of seasons. I think she can play the badass Summer as well. 

For Morty, I’d love Noah Schnapp for the role. You may know Noah from Stranger Things. He plays the cutest muffin of the Upside Down Will Byers. He’s such a dork and I think Noah can play Morty with the amount of epic what-the-fuck hilarity that Morty is. Imagine this kid as Evil Morty? Like, yes?!

Who would be in your Rick and Morty dream cast? Comment below!!

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