Replicator #1

Writer: Robert Arnold
Artist: Armin Ozdic
Colourist: Ross A Campbell
Letterer: Jaimie Me
Editors: Nick Glenister, Alison Arnold

Give me a scorched earth over real life any day of the week. Post-apocalyptic futures rein supreme in the world of science fiction and the Replicator prologue is no different.

We are introduced to a London torn asunder by a modern doomsday virus that is killing by the hundreds of thousands. An epidemic so severe, causing the expatriation of England from the world community, boxed away to deal with the problem all on its own.

Armin Ozdic’s art captures the juxtaposition of the grit in the outside world whilst maintaining a certain air of pretentious dystopic snobbery that Rob Arnold’s characters surround themselves with. This is only accentuated by the colours in certain panels involving the main character, Ryker, evoking a realm of excitement and nervous trepidation. Rare, for the first issue of an indie comic.

The crux of this issue depicts the beginning of the path that will weave the protagonist and antagonist to their eventual epic showdown. Spoilers aside, what we know is that Replicator is a futuristic dystopian film noir love affair mixed with cyber punk condiments. With the strongest comparison (I can think of) in pop culture being Neil Marshall’s 2008 film Doomsday.

The Verdict
My prediction is this series has the ability to be the next Saga in terms of success. Being sci-fi related has the change to hold it back slightly but give it time to garner a cult following and give it the right marketing campaign and anything is possible. Let’s wait and see that happens next.

Anthony Pollock
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