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Dylan dives back into World of Warcraft with it’s latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth. Is it a return to glory from a story perspective, or more of the same?


With Nintendo shutting down ROM sites with Cease and Desist letters, Dylan and Ryan weigh in on topic of game preservation and what could be done instead of erasing gaming history forever. Is Nintendo in the right for exercising their rights as the IP holder?

Competitive Corner:

Cloud9 has turned over a new leaf in the NALCS, winning their last 8 matches in a row and earning a bi-week for the Summer Split Playoffs. Also going on this weekend is the first All-Star Weekend for the Overwatch League, which will feature some great show matches like Lucio Ball and Mystery Heroes on Saturday, and the actual All-Star match on Sunday.

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I am a Colorado based freelancer and graphic designer who loves games, movies and technology. I love seeing cool characters do cool things. My wife, son and two stupid cats keep me grounded. Follow me on twitter @RyanMHolt

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