My Little Pony: IDW 20/20

Writer: Ted Anderson
Artist: Tony Kuusisto
Colorist: Heather Breckel
Letterer: Christa Miesner
Publisher: IDW

Review by Cameron Kieffer

IDW is turning 20 and they’re celebrating this milestone with a weekly event: IDW 20/20!  This initiative includes a series of one-shots for many of the publisher’s licensed properties and while this isn’t a crossover in the traditional sense, they all explore similar themes by revealing an untold story of the past (or future).  This issue takes full advantage of this concept by hurling the Mane 6 into the past where they come face-to-face with their much younger selves.  Spinning out of the Friendship is Magic tv series, My Little Pony: IDW 20/20 tells a fun side story that takes place just after the “Sonic Rainboom” that inadvertently gave our heroes their Cutie Marks.

Writer Ted Anderson, who is also helming this week’s issue of the MLP ongoing, is clearly having a blast writing the Mane 6 meeting themselves as young fillies.  Each character in MLP has a very distinct voice and personality, and he manages to nail each one perfectly.  While the characters are handled well and the storyline is cleverly executed, this one-shot does have a few problems. There are some inconsistencies with the supporting players; Princess Celestia seems neither shocked nor concerned with seeing her young pupil suddenly much older (and with wings, no less). The pacing drags a bit early on as each of our ponies gets some one-on-one time with their younger selves.  There’s also a pretty glaring plot hole near the end that may inadvertently cause a paradox, but I won’t mention it here for the sake of spoilers.

Tony Kuusisto handles art duties along with frequent MLP colorist Heather Breckel, and the work they do is simply magic.  The characters are depicted in a manner that is both faithful to the original character designs and stylistic as well.  Many of the panels have a very anime-esque look that matches the tone of most MLP stories but has a different energy to it that works very well.  Breckel does excellent work as always, keeping everything bright, even in the darker moments.

The Verdict: Buy it!

This is a fun book for any MLP collection.  While I don’t recommend it to non-MLP fans, there’s plenty for both diehard and casual fans to enjoy, and the art is just stellar.  The extra pages definitely make the higher price tag worth it.

Cameron Kieffer
Cameron Kieffer wears many hats. He is a freelance writer and artist, creator of the webcomic "Geek Theory" and is co-host of the Nerd Dump podcast. He lives in Topeka with his wife and increasingly growing comic book collection.

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