Misfit City Volume 2

Creators: Kurt Lustgarten, Kristen Smith
Illustrator: Naomi Franquiz
Colorist: Brittany Peer
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Publisher: Boom! Studios

Review by Greg Brothers

Misfit City Volume 2 collects issues 5 through 8 of Lustgarten and Smith’s adventure-filled book. The second volume picks up right where the first had left off with the girls running into the once-thought-dead Denby. The girls continue to follow the map and the clues to Black Mary’s treasure. Along the way the there are more twists and turns, and more players are added to the mystery. I am not going to get into those twists here as they are much better experienced without being spoiled.

In volume one of the series Smith and Lustgarten were able to create a cast of characters that were compelling and allowed the reader to become invested in them. In Misfit City Volume 2 they are able to take that foundation and build upon it. The relationships between the girls becomes strained at times. However, even when they become frustrated with each other, it ends with them on good terms as they admit their faults and move on from their mistakes. It is lessons like this that make Misfit City Volume 2 appropriate for any age group. There is nothing in this story that would make me hesitate in sharing it with my child.

In addition to the building on the relationships, the story has some great twists. Just as you think that you have figured out what may be next the team takes the story in a different direction. I do think that the end of the story came a little too quickly as some of the problems just wrapped up with little explanation. That small issue does not ruin the end of the series however. By the time Misfit City Volume 2 concludes, the main mystery is wrapped up neatly with enough hanging threads that could lead to a new adventure in the future.

The art throughout Misfit City Volume 2 is bright and engaging. The characters have unique body shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. It is an element that may seem small, but it is something that makes the story more accessible to readers of all kinds. The shadows and coloring lead to the mystery within the story but are not so much that they would be scary for younger readers. While most of the book is a traditional panel layout, there are several pages that have unique gutters that really add to the enjoyment of reading the book.

Verdict: Buy it.

More than anything, Misfit City Volume 2 is a fun read. You cannot help but to smile throughout the book as you read it. The story has a positive message of adventure and friendship and that with your friends anything is possible. It is the perfect book to read over several nights as bedtime stories with the kids or your pet.

Gregory Brothers
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