Made-Up: Zombie Clown Circus

Writer: Mira Mortal
Artist: John “Jar” Rodriguez
Publisher: Source Point Press

A review by David Hildebrand

I love a good horror story! I hate clowns! Made-Up: Zombie Clown Circus does a wonderful job combining what I love and loathe while cranking out a very entertaining one shot graphic novel! I really enjoy getting my hands on a book by independent creators and it’s a bonus when the book is really damn good and exceeds my expectations. I am pleased to say that Made-Up: Zombie Clown Circus is one of these titles.

Right from the start, Rodriguez’s artwork stands out. I usually like my horror stories with dirty, dark, and disgusting art but Rodriguez and his bold colors makes this the most beautiful horror story I have ever read. Kudos to him for pulling off an incredible feat like this.

Mortal’s story is a simple tale, the circus performers applying their clown make up instantly turns them into flesh eating zombies. Zombies have been overdone lately but Mortal makes this work, as the zombies make their way through the big top attacking the other performers, now turned survivors. One aspect that makes this appealing is that the focus is centered within the circus. There is no worldwide zombie attack. We aren’t aware of this occurring anywhere else other than the present moment. Zombie Clown Circus almost reads like a Tales From the Crypt episode and it works! Mortal’s scripting is brilliant! You feel tension and immediate danger and that is the staple of a good horror story.

As I mentioned, Rodriguez’s are is spot on. The colors are very vivid for a book that is brutal and very blood at times. The close ups are both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. The line work is on point and the way the panels are laid out complete the visual narrative. The book is gorgeous! I would love to go on more about the story but to dive into any more would surely give away the surprises awaiting you under the big top.

The Verdict
Buy it! Made-Up: Zombie Clown Circus
was brought to my attention by a friend of mine. She knows I am a horror fan and thought I would enjoy the book. And she was right, I did enjoy the book! If you are a fan of horror stories, I strongly recommend that you check this book out. I like supporting independent creators. I find that a lot of the times they are more likely to fine tune their story/art and put a lot of effort and pride into their craft. Mortal and Rodriguez are shining examples of this. Send in the clowns!

Dave Hildebrand
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