The Lost Boys #1

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist:  Scott Godlewski
Colors:  Trish Mulvihill
Letters:  Clem Robins
Publisher: Vertigo

Review by David Hildebrand

The Lost Boys #1 CoverThe Lost Boys! I love the movie with all my heart. Looking back, I think it was the first horror movie that I ever watched. I know for sure it was the first vampire movie.  I was a fan ten minutes into the movie. And the soundtrack? The soundtrack is just as amazing! As a matter of fact, I was just listening to it last week when I was writing on my laptop. So, I knew The Lost Boys comic was on it’s way. I decided that I would review it, but at the same time, I knew strongly that I would have to step outside from my love of the movie to give the book a chance. I tried hard! I really did, but I’m sad to say that even though I tried my best to remove my personal feelings from the story and characters that I cherish, it just didn’t work for me.

The Lost Boys starts off with a quick little backstory of the events that happened in the movie. It’s a little rushed, but forgivable since there is only so much that you can fit into a book before you have to move along. It does serve its purpose and catches people up that haven’t seen the movie. And if you have never seen this movie, shame on you! We catch up with all the known characters. I hate to say that I do not like the path some of them have taken.  Michael is now working in a nursing home. Wait, what? Yeah, a nursing home. Sam works in the local comic shop, the Frog brothers are still the same, but now we find out that Sam and Michael’s grandfather, Grandpa Emerson has trained the Frog brothers to become better vampire hunters. What again? The biggest “huh?” moment for me was finding out that Grandpa Emerson has his own Santa Carla Hunter’s Society that gets together and has meetings.

This was a hard book to get through. I’m not faulting Seeley at all. In my opinion, this is a monster of a title to take on. He has to deal with die hard fans like me excited and wanting to read this and expecting something the polar opposite of what is in front of us. The story is a basic first issue. We are introduced to the characters, but it doesn’t do anything for me because I’m familiar with these guys. Let’s go! I’m guessing if anyone is picking up and reading the first issue, they have to have some clue about The Lost Boys as well. The story just isn’t hitting with me at all and I’m still struggling that Michael works for a nursing home! The humor feels a little tacked on and some of the dialogue is out of line for certain characters. I don’t think in the movie you would hear one of the Frog brothers suggest putting a bag of poop on someone’s doorstep and lighting it on fire because he is bored. Seeley tries a little too hard with the 80’s type humor.

The art and color of the book has me mixed as well. As I said previously, this book is mostly focused on reintroducing the characters. Godlewski’s artwork is good. I like his work just fine, but I was hoping for more of the likeness of the characters to be on display here. With that being said, I did like the look of the last page, not spoiling what it is, but because what is presented on the page is new to me, it works. I did enjoy the colors. Mulvihill captures the mood of the story where the actual story misses.  It keeps a dark tone throughout and tries to bring you into the vampire world of Santa Carla.


Skip It. I repeat, I TRIED, I REALLY DID TRY to take an outside approach to this book. But as iconic as The Lost Boys is, it is entirely impossible to do.  I love the movie, it is one of my favorite horror movies and unfortunately the book just doesn’t hit with me.  If you’re a fan of the movie, I cannot tell you to go out and pick this up. I just can’t. If you have zero clue about The Lost Boys, and you are curious about this book, then I suggest that you read the entire six issue mini series and then go and watch the movie. Apples and oranges. Now if you pardon me, I’m going to break out my sax. I STILL BELIEVE!

Dave Hildebrand
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