Legion: Chapter 5 Review

Legion: Chapter 5 
Starring: Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Aubrey Plaza, Bill Irwin, Amber Midthunder, Katie Aselton, Jean Smart
Director: Tim Mielants
Writer: Peter Calloway

“I’m you. I’m me. I’m everything you wanna be.”

Okay guys, we’re deep in this sh*t and we have a lot to talk about.

Chapter 5 carried right into the events from Chapter 4 without skipping a beat. After the rescue of Ocean’s Three (Kerry, Ptonomy and Syd), Ptonomy and David are carrying Kerry on a hammock like stretcher to seek medical attention from Cary after getting her ass kicked by Division 3 and being shot by The Eye. A cocky and more aware David taunts Melanie and seduces Syd, displaying some power in his confidence that we’ve never seen before. Melanie is well aware of this change, telling Syd to be careful. Syd is more into being in the illusion room with David. She’s finally able to touch him and do other things she’s always wanted to do. However, David is forming a plan with Lenny to get Amy back. That plan comes into play, but Melanie, Ptonomy and Syd go off to help David with his plan, but it’s too late. David has displayed some power that they’ve never thought possible, leaving a dying man to say, “So much power. It wears a human face.”

Chapter 5 was wild. This has to be my favorite episode of the season so far because everything is start to slowly come together. We’re still left with a lot of details to muddle through, but this episode explains a little more about David than anything we’ve seen. There were three moments inside of this episode that deserves a good talking about, but again, spoilers ahead for anyone who didn’t already see it.

In this episode, there were a lot of revelations for David and for the audience. We’ve watched David come this far truly not knowing who/what he is or why he can do the things he does. When David saves Amy from D3 with Lenny’s help, everyone knew that he could do, but they didn’t know what he could DO. David walks into D3 like he owns the place. He uses his powers to get very far, evaporating people and melting them into walls and floors, killing them either super fast or super slowly. He goes around D3 in a fun and cocky way with his powers. It’s a delight to see, but it makes you worry for him cause you know that’s not him doing it. As Melanie and Rudy, look throughout the tapes, they not only see David basically killing D3 with a flick of his wrist and an O’LAY, but they also see The Devil With The Yellow Eyes. He creeps down the hallways with his hands twisted, evaporating people the same way David has. Is The Devil With The Yellow Eyes another persona of David? That’s only my guess, but wait… THERE’S MORE.

While Kerry is safely back in Cary recovering from her wounds. Cary calls Melanie to share what he’s found out about David. Cary finds out that he is indeed schizophrenic, but it’s like a parasite inside of him or another conscious mind. Cary says that this parasite, or older mutant, rewrites his memory and has been inside of David and feeding off of him for 30 years. 30 f*cking years man. He also confirms that David is indeed a powerful mutant because if he wasn’t the parasite would have split him apart years ago.

Meanwhile, the big kick in the teeth comes to David from his sister, Amy. After he saves her from D3, he takes her to the house they were raised in so that they can talk. David wants to know the truth and Lenny, ever present and utterly f*cking fantastic, wants to get to the truth as well. Amy is scared, but she finally reveals the truth. David is adopted.

The Verdict
I’m so ridiculously in love with this show. Keep Watching! It’s seriously getting down to the nitty gritty good sh*t and I can’t wait til they reveal more about what’s happening. Legion is so needed in the X-Men verse and I can’t express that enough. This episode has a lot of twists, turns and revelations that make you go grabby hands for the next episode. Also, @ me and talk about David sitting on the edge of the bed singing Rainbow Connection with a banjo. Please.

Bi, writer, sleepy otter, Hufflepuff. Insha writes for Geek.com, edits for Rogues Portal, watches films, talks on podcasts, loves true crime, reads comics and tries her best. Stay Weird. ♡

Insha Fitzpatrick

Bi, writer, sleepy otter, Hufflepuff. Insha writes for Geek.com, edits for Rogues Portal, watches films, talks on podcasts, loves true crime, reads comics and tries her best. Stay Weird. ♡

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