1. The first episode of Twin Peaks was supposed to be made for movie written by David Lynch and Mark Frost. ABC and test audiences loved it so much that they ordered 7 expanded episodes, promoting the show to full time status.

2. Northwest Passage was the original name for Twin Peaks. The name changed because they were trying to figure out the location of the town, but drew inspiration from the two mountains that sat on both sides of the small town.

3. David Lynch and Mark Frost didn’t intend to solve the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer. ABC wasn’t having it. In the demand to be satisfied, they put together for something for the original pilot film, but it didn’t go down well.

4. They shot three different endings with three different killers in order to throw everyone off.

5. In the original series, Dale and Laura have THE interaction in the Red Room where Laura says, “I’ll see you again in 25 years.” It’s been exactly 26 years since the original Twin Peaks, so they only missed it by one years due to production issues, but I’m still totally counting it.

6. Twin Peaks had 14 Emmy nominations, but only took home Costume Design and Editing.

7. Everything on Twin Peaks was tip top secret even to the actors. David and Mark would only give them the pages they needed to read. They watched their episodes on TV to figure out what the hell was going on.

8. “The Love Theme” aka the theme song to Twin Peaks took David Lynch and composer Angelo Badalamenti, twenty minutes to come up with.

9. “The Love Theme” was adapted to an entire song called “Falling” sung by Julee Cruise.

10. Fans of the show would go through the trash at the studio in order to find scripts pages and other material to find out what happens next. To combat this, as well as other factors, David and Mark wrote fake scenes for the show.

11. The original population for Twin Peaks is 5,120, not 51,201. ABC thought the town should be more populated, but 5,120 seems a little more believable to me.

12. Marilyn Monroe’s death influenced the show. The mysteries and conspiracies that surrounded her death were a great influence. Mark and David were also writing a film adaptation about Monroe called Goddess.

13. Kyle Maclaclan axed the romance between Dale Cooper and Audrey Horne, saying the young girl was too young for him. However, according to Sherilyn Fenn, Kyle was dating Lara Flynn Boyle at the time and she was mad because Audrey was receiving more attention than her character Donna Hayward. However, Dale’s character went off to have a romance with Annie (Heather Graham) who was younger than Fenn! Dale x Audrey forever.

14. Mulholland Drive was influenced by Audrey Horne. David and Mark had planned a spin-off for Aubrey where she does to Hollywood, but it didn’t pan out.

15. There are a bunch of cool parantenging on Twin Peaks. Donna Hayward’s mum Eileen is Zooey and Emily Deschanel’s mum and their dad directed three episodes. Rashida Jones’ mum is Peggy Lipton who plays Norma Jennings. Russ Tamblyn (Dr. Jacoby) is Amber Tamblyn’s dad.

16. Steven Spielberg was set to direct the season 2 premiere, but Lynch said no immediately. Actress Diane Keaton directed season 2, episode 15!

17. Isabella Rossellini, David Lynch’s girlfriend at the time, was supposed to play Josie Packard, but due to scheduling conflicts the role eventually went to Joan Chen.

18. David Lynch hired a coach to help Michael J. Anderson speak backwards, but it turns out that he didn’t have to! Michael already knew how to speak backward from when he was a kid.

19. There was a lot of pie that went around the set of Twin Peaks. 17 slices of pie would just go out in one day. The owner of the diner they shot at had up to 6 to 10 pies a day. The production office had banana or chocolate peanut butter pies only and they never ordered cherry pie off camera.

20. Fire Walk with Me leads up to the final days of Laura Palmer. David shot 900,000 feet of film in 40 days, which would make the movie 4 hours long if he had it his way.

21. David thought that Sheryl did a great job as Laura Palmer that he wanted to keep Sheryl on the show so he wrote Madeleine “Maddy” Ferguson to keep her. Madeleine “Maddy” Ferguson is a tribute to Hitchcock’s movie, Vertigo. Sheryl has played a blonde (Laura) and brunette (Maddy). Madeleine was Kim
Novak’s characters first name. Ferguson was the last name of James Stewart’s character.

22. Twin Peaks was David Duchovny’s first TV role. He played FBI agent Denise Bryson, who was a trans. Kimmy Robertson (Lucy) helped him get the role because they were dating at the time.

23. The original sign from Twin Peaks is nowhere to be found. The artist, who originally created it, re-created the sign for the upcoming series.

24. When the show was announced, at 11:30am, David + Mark tweeted “Dear Twitter friends: That gum you like is going to come back in style. #damngoodcoffe”. Massive Twin Peaks know that Dale enters the town of Twin Peaks at the exact same time.

25. The new Twin Peaks series will be a limited series that contain 18 episodes, exclusively on Showtime.

26. In 2015, David was doubtful about the return and the involvement of Showtime. He dropped out, but came back when the budget was better and the show was expanded.

27. When David left the show, the cast rallied behind him to say there wouldn’t be a Twin Peaks with David Lynch.

28. The Log Lady (Catherine Coulson) died in 2015, but they shot some of her stuff so she’d be able to be apart of the revival. Miguel Ferrier and Warren Frost also past away in 2017, but they had shot their scenes as well.

29. Big Ed Hurley’s actor Everett McGill was retired for 17 years, but come out to reprise his role for the season.

30. 217 different cast members will be a part of the series, but 39 of the cast members are returning from the original series.

31. There have been four books about Twin Peaks so far:

32. The Secret History of Twin Peaks was written by Mark Frost to update what happens over the 25 years the characters haven’t been on the air. (It’s so good guys…)

33. If you’d like to stay at the Great Northern Hotel it will cost you $230 a night. The hotel is called The Salish Lodge and Spa.

34. There was a Sesame Street parody called Twin Beaks for Monsterpiece Theater!

If you’d like a quick catch up with the series, check out this video from IGN.

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