Amelia Sky: Issue #2 Anti-Aliasing Awakening Pt.2

Category: Comic Books

Author: Jermaine D. Boyd

Illustrator: Gwynn Tavares

Letterer: Kuen Tickles
Editors: Nicole D’Andria & Brittany Matter
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Goal Date: September 13, 2017
Currently Funded (At Time of Writing): $1,937 of $4,500
Campaign Type: All or Nothing

Be a heroine! Fresh off a successful campaign for Issue # 1, the creative team behind Amelia Sky is funding the next installment of this post-apocalyptic thriller. This sci-fi/horror series follows its titular character as she learns about the world she has awakened  into as well as some crucial changes about herself. (Like superhuman abilities?)

Is Amelia the world’s final hope? Get in on this arc early to join Amelia and what promises to be a team of badass female characters battle the terrifying Shriekers — described as “an ancient race berserk with a ravenous hunger for energy in all its forms.”

The art has a sort of watercolor aesthetic to it, with its gently swooping brushstrokes and rounded corners. In stark contrast to the muted color pallet are brilliant pops of red and white that the letterer has used for the sound effects and emphasis.

While the world of Amelia Sky is still unfolding, the creators make their passion in this project known. It is made clear on the Kickstarter that they are hoping to have Amelia Sky picked up by a major publisher. However, in the interim the team is dedicated to self-publishing to keep bringing Amelia’s ever-changing world to fans old and new. That is no easy feat! The odds are against self-publishers, and such a promising story deserves to be told.

Recommendation: Backing at the $125.00 level will allow you the unique opportunity to become a part of Amelia’s world. Check it out below.


The Rewards:

  • $2 – Digital Thanks!
  • $5 Amelia Sky Issue #1!
  • $10 – Digital Sampler!
  • $10 Amelia Sky #2 Only!
  • $15 – Physical Book!
  • $20 – Physical Book & Production Pack!
  • $25 – Prequel Series: The Remains! OR Physical Books: Amelia Sky & Prequel!
  • $30 – Physical & Digital Book Pack!
  • $40 – 3-D Lenticular Bookmark Pack!
  • $50 – Signed Poster & Production Pack!
  • $60 – Kickstarter Trailer Theme!
  • $80 – Exclusive Illustrator Pack!
  • $100 – Sneak Peek: Amelia Sky Issue #3! OR Script Review – Brittany Matter! OR Script Review – Nicole D’Andria! OR Variant Cover – Kelsey Livingston!
  • $125 – Be a Character in Amelia Sky Issue #2!
  • $150 – Variant Cover – Aly Faye! OR Variant Cover – Jessica Trevino! OR Variant Cover – Avionetca!
  • $175 – Variant Cover – Sun Khamunaki!
  • $200 – Special Edition Hardbound Art Book!
  • $500 – Exclusive Variant Cover – Secret Artist!
  • $1,000 – First Look: Amelia Sky Issues #4 – 6!

Be sure to read the detailed rewards for each level on the Amelia Sky Kickstarter page.

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