Go-Bots #1

Writer/Artist/Letterer: Tom Scioli
Publisher: IDW Publishing

Review by Greg Brothers

Certainly you have heard of the Go-Bots. That “knock-off” version of the Transformers. Well actually, the Go-Bots made it to market in the US before the Transformers did. As the Transformers came to dominate the market, the Go-Bots became a distant memory within pop culture.

Scioli uses Go-Bots #1 as way to introduce the characters to an audience who may not know anything about this cast of characters, much less have intimate knowledge of the history of the franchise. The dialogue is simple, an easy access point that grabs your attention and gives compelling reasons to return to the series. The brilliance of Scioli’s script lies in the introduction of the characters. Instead of going into an exposition heavy adventure, we are introduced to the main players through several different stories. Leader-1 is introduced first along with his fighter pilot Nick, as they head out on a covert mission to take down some terrorists. AJ and her Go-Bot scooter are designed to show how the transforming vehicles help in simple daily tasks. Turbo and Matt Hunter live the glamorous life on the professional race circuit, while Cy-kill first on an illegal robot fighting ring. As Go-Bots #1 wraps up, the four parts all start to come together to give the readers an understanding of where the series is headed.

Scioli’s art has this weathered and vintage look to it. With yellowed pages it feels as if you are looking back at a historical document rather than a comic book. It works really well with the way that the story is being told in Go-Bots #1. The classic panel layout also gives it a classic feel. Scioli does mix in several varieties that help to keep the book from feeling stale at any point. The colors are muted throughout the book. It is the lettering where Scioli is able to make up for the lack of vibrant colors.

Verdict: Buy it,

If you were a fan of the cartoon series and the toys, then Go-Bots #1 is perfect for you. Meanwhile people who have no experience with the Go-Bots will find a brilliantly written first issue that explains the history without sacrificing plot. You end up with several thought-provoking threads that should allow the series to grow and flourish into a must collect series.

Gregory Brothers
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