It’s been so so soooo long since I’ve taken any images of my geek collection and figures but Monday I picked up my camera and decided to take some snaps of some of the geeky collectibles I have that you haven’t seen yet.

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At the beginning of the year my goal was to become a Toy Photographer but I felt I was putting too much pressure on myself to take snaps and also collecting toys gets really really expensive. So I’ve decided to keep it as a hobby. On Monday I had a lot of fun taking these images without having to worry if they were good enough for the portfolio or not. It also put me in the mood to do some more unboxing images too which I will get on to soon!

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Even though I am not a die-hard fan I can see the appeal of Living Dead Dolls. Living Dead Dolls is a line of horror dolls first produced as handmades in 1998 in the United States by Ed Long and Damien Glonek, and commercially manufactured by Mezco Toyzsince 2001. Living Dead Dolls are ten inches tall, made of plastic, with fabric clothing, and come packed in coffin-shaped boxes with death certificates.

rhidixonblog-lifestyle-blogger-living-dead-dolls-5Each doll has a different cause of death, which is usually described in doggerel verse on the certificate.[2] While the dolls are occasionally inspired by real people such as Lizzie Borden, they are described explicitly as dolls, not representations of actual dead children, and are aimed at an adult audience aged upwards of 15 years. I found two in my local comic book store that I couldn’t wait to buy!! They complimented each other well in terms of colourand they suited my aesthetic.

Little Bo Creep
‘Little Bo Creep devoured her sheep
And licked all of their bones clean
Because of this task, she was fitted with a mask
To keep her from dining on lamb cuisine.’

This was the first Living Dead Doll I bought out of the two I got and I fell in love with her little curls and her scary pink eyes! She suited baby pink gothic aesthetic that I was really digging at the time. When I bought her I was loving my pastel pinks but still loving my black. She also had the exact same hair I had when I was much much younger. I still get natural ringlets but not to this degree anymore.

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Little Bo Creep is part Living Dead Dolls Scary Tales Series, Volume Five. Other characters in the series include Little Miss Muffet. Bo Creep’s mask is also removable but I prefer to keep it on. She has this cute Hannibal Lecter vibe going for her!!

‘ Milu is the Goddess who ruled
over the land of the dead.
The face of this Polynesian diety
is hidden by the mask on her head’

I fell in love with her colour!! It’s such a vibrant lime/yellow (depending on your perspective). She comes from the region of Hawaii and she’s based on the legend of Lua-o-Milu which is the Land of the Dead. She also has the largest mask out of any of the masked dolls in the Living Dead Dolls franchise. I haven’t put the mask on her and I’m not going to either. I have taken her hair down though and popped her little flower further up her head. She is soo cool and I love her eyes too!!

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Characteristics include punishing the souls of the wicked by feeding them to flies and beetles (lovely) then devouring them after cooking them in her eternally burning oven. Sounds like my kind of gal. She’s part of a series of demon dolls from around the world. Other dolls include Hopping Vampire (China), Banshee (Ireland), Spring Heeled Chicken (England) and Mephistopheles (Germany).


Will I purchase more?
No. I do not want anymore I’m not going to start collecting any time soon. I really wanted these two. I got these two and I am happy. None of other Living Dead Dolls have really caught my attention but you never know maybe in a years time I might add another one, but they’ll have to be outstanding!

You can purchase Living Dead Dolls here

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