The Dregs #3

Writers: Lonnie Nadler and Zak Thompson
Artist: Erick Zawadzki
Colors: Dee Cunniffe
Publisher: Black Mask Studios
A review by Anelise Farris, Greg Brothers, and David Hildebrand

And we are back! All three of us from The Comics Agenda have returned to review The Dregs #3! This issue focuses on Arnold venturing outside of the dregs to further his investigation into Manny’s disappearance on the streets of Vancouver. With only $100 to his name and suffering through Listo withdraw, Arnold’s search takes him to a coffee shop where his mystery lady is waiting, a clothing shop where there are certain articles of clothing that look strangely familiar, and back to the dregs where Arnold attempts to piece together clues, in hopes of finally revealing what has become of Manny.

Anelise:  I really like how this issue takes Arnold out of the dregs and into the “real” Vancouver, where people are, unfortunately, less than kind.  And, it’s interesting that as the story progresses–especially in this issue–we see how the homeless population and mainstream society are not as separate as the latter might like to think.

The writing continues to be brisk and lyrical at the same time, and I love how they begin each issue with a literary quote: this time with one from Oscar Wilde. There is one line in this issue that really struck me as well: “without judgment, we wouldn’t know what to think of ourselves.” I think this speaks to a lot of what the comic is about in terms of class, perception, and self-awareness. I love a comic that makes me think, and The Dregs consistently does that.

I continue to be impressed by the art in The Dregs. I love the simple, thick line work, and the inviting use of colors. I especially like the pages that incorporate purples, pinks, and oranges. I am most impressed, however, by the layout. This comic is not afraid to experiment with how many panels they use, which sizes, and how they arrange them. One of my favorite pages in this issue is when the store clerk is giving Arnold the “script”–visually so cool!

Greg:I like how the issue started. This idea of being lost while also around all of these people. As he walks down the street no ones even looking at him and its almost like its he is invisible. We see the mysterious woman two more times and she now seems to be leading him where he needs to go next by giving him just enough clues for him to figure out the puzzles in front of him.

I like that the conspiracy is growing. Not only is the restaurant involved but now it seems like personal belongings are being taken and sold to the public.

Interesting how they did a time jump without telling us until the end. Shows how little sense of time he has while he is working and the days and weeks move on while it feels like its a much shorter time. I love how the art is being used again to help solve the crimes and the mysteries.

David: There really isn’t much more that I can add any different from Anelise and Greg’s opinions. I agree with them both on the story and the artwork, equally. However, it’s burning me up not knowing more about this mystery woman that always seems to show up at the right place at the right time. I am starting to think now that she is more a figment of his imagination. Her look is different that what is consistent throughout the rest of the story. She is an intriguing piece of the story and one of my favorite components. The pieces are starting to solve the puzzle and I can’t wait to see what is around the corner for Arnold.

Buy it x3!!!

Anelise: The Dregs is an intriguing mix of social commentary and mystery.

Greg: Issue three moves the story along nicely as more pieces of the puzzle are uncovered. As we get deeper into the story, we find out that this conspiracy goes much deeper than we thought and I for one can not wait to see where issue #4 takes us.

David: I easily think that The Dregs is one of the most underrated title out there right now. The story is well crafted, you can tell Nadler and Thompson have a passion telling Arnold’s story. The art compliments the story well and if you are missing out if you are not reading this title!

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