Cucumber Quest 2: The Ripple Kingdom

Creator: Gigi D.G.
Publisher: First Second

Review by Stephanie Cooke

The second volume of Cucumber Quest takes place right where the first left off. Our heroes have split up due to an unfortunate encounter with one of the Nightmare Knight’s evil minions. Cucumber must team up with Princess Nautilus of the Ripple Kingdom to reunite everyone and move forward in his reluctant quest to save the day.

It. Is. Delightful.

If you’ve read the first volume of Cucumber Quest, you’ll absolutely adore the second volume. It’s filled with stunning artistry (character designs, landscapes and backgrounds) that is SCREAMING to be adapted into a delightful kids series along the lines of Steven Universe or Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

Each character within the story has a very distinct personality and their own agency. Cucumber was told that he’s the Legendary Hero, but wants nothing to do with it. Meanwhile, Almond is everything the Legendary Hero should be, but no one wants anything to do with her. All of the characters have their own something to prove, and something that helps make them compelling and interesting to read about.

Not to mention that the overall story is just a boatload of fun and absolutely hilarious to boot. Comedy can be so hard to do well and amidst a story that has a lot of great layers, it makes me smile and laugh along the way. I love the little jokes, the puns, and the silliness that transpires.

Cucumber Quest is an honest to goodness joy to read from start to finish.

Buy it!
I’m guessing there’s going to be 5-6 books in this series based on what they’ve been hinting so far. Despite the fact that I’m the kind of person who usually caps out at a trilogy, I’m super on board to read more of these stories and find out what happens to Cucumber, Almond and the whole gang along the way.

Definitely make sure that you’re picking up Cucumber Quest whether it’s for you, a young person in your life or whatever. The series is great for readers of all-ages and the art, story, and characters will be engaging for all.

Cucumber Quest 2: The Ripple Kingdom will be out on February 27, 2018.

Stephanie Cooke
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