The Comics Agenda Episode 56: Star Wars The Last Jedi

Listen as Greg and Anelise talk about the latest group of books to come out this week. Some of the books included in this week are the Curse Words Holiday Special, Realm #4, and the exciting new project X-Men Grand Design, by Ed Piskor

Then stick around as Michael joins us to discuss the latest Start Wars Movie: The Last Jedi

The Comics Agenda is hosted by Anelise (Twitter@Anelise.Farris ) and Greg (Twitter@Comicsportsgeek). We discuss several new comic book releases each week, in addition to breaking news, movies, and tv. You can reach us on Twitter @TheComicsAgenda or email us at

Gregory Brothers
Greg is a teacher, a life long student of all things pop culture, and an avid sports fan. When not spending time with spending time with family you may find him arguing the finer points of if Magneto was right, or who the best pro athlete is. He can be found on twitter @comicsportsgeek

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