The Comics Agenda Episode 45: A Tale of Two TV Premieres

This Week Anelise and Greg talk about the first episode Inhumans and Gifted with two very different results.

Inbetween that we talk about four new books and a little pre-NYCC News

Join us as we talk about Slots #1, Curse Words #7, Eugenic #1, and Archies #1.

Then we suffer through The Inhumans, while we both enjoyed The Gifted.

Plus we head of on a tangent about the upcoming Halloween season and how much money Americans spend a year on the Holiday.

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Gregory Brothers
Greg is a teacher, a life long student of all things pop culture, and an avid sports fan. When not spending time with spending time with family you may find him arguing the finer points of if Magneto was right, or who the best pro athlete is. He can be found on twitter @comicsportsgeek

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