If you’re not a fan of The Big Bang Theory, I don’t know you! Of course, I refer to the weekly sitcom on CBS that just started its 11th season. That’s no small feat for anything in this age of the two-minute attention span.

We are only two episodes in, but things are already progressing quickly. One of the big story lines is the evolving marriage of Bernadette and Howard.  Having once been characters who didn’t get as much screen time or storylines as leads Penny, Sheldon, and Leonard, Bernadette and Howard have come into full focus as they navigate the sometimes-choppy seas of wedded life together. Howard experiences the occasional difficulties of dealing with Bernadette’s persnickety personality, but it always seems like they know exactly how to resolve their differences.

It’s nice to see the first married couple on the show continue to develop. They have become role models to Penny and Leonard, who were married in Las Vegas in the season 9 premiere, and for the long-running relationship between Sheldon and Amy. 

Speaking of which, the second big event started in the season finale last spring when Sheldon’s old assistant kissed him. Sheldon then immediately asked Amy to marry him. Spoiler Alert: She said yes! But television sitcoms being what they are, and more specifically, Sheldon being who he is, we can certainly expect some bumps along the way in the crazy love life that is Shamy.  

Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Sheldon. He can probably program a random number generator in his sleep, but it’s always hilarious when he misses simple social cues or makes a situation incredibly awkward.

Other plot twists to watch for may upset the science purists among the Big Bang fan base. Leonard gives a less-than-glowing radio interview proclaiming that science is dead. Sheldon later agrees with this absurd assessment.

Perhaps we will see the lead characters in some new lines of work or making new discoveries, either of which always makes for interesting conflict while also moving the show forward.

As always, Raj is a delight and continues to be his ever-amusing and comical self. Raj’s sunny demeanor is brilliantly offset by Stuart, the lesser-used character and owner of The Comic Center of Pasadena book store frequented by the gang. Stuart’s deadpan delivery and forlorn way of looking at life provide a nice contrast.
One of the funnier cameos thus far in the season came from renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, reprising his appearance with a pre-recorded video call to announce Sheldon’s engagement to Amy.

The success of The Big Bang Theory is still undeniable more than a decade after its debut, which is a huge accomplishment given the show’s larger ensemble cast. The characters still work after all these years, largely due to the appealing mix of science-based shenanigans and real-life relationship situations.

We look forward to seeing where the 11th season leads us. Look for The Big Bang Theory on Monday night on CBS until after the NFL season, at which point it will return to its regular Thursday night spot.  

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