Angel City #3

Writer: Janet Harvey
Artist: Megan Levens
Colors:  Nick Filardi
Letters: Crank
Publisher: Oni Press

Reviewed by David Hildebrand

angelcity3These days, any new noir story that comes out really needs a good hook to capture my attention. There are many out there that try, but most plain out fail in understanding the essence of noir. From issue one, Angel City has consistently captured my attention and held it. The hook is Dolores Dare. Janet Harvey has done a magnificent job of creating a strong female lead for her narrative. Instead of the femme fatale, Dolores is the heavy hitter, not to be messed with as she investigates the murder of her childhood friend, Frances Faye. Let’s check out what is going on in Angel City #3.

In this issue we are introduced to Aggie Underwood, an old school L.A. Times reporter who doesn’t take shit from anyone. Don’t believe me? Aggie carries a pearl handed revolver! Aggie is also interested in the murder of Dare’s childhood friend, Francis Faye. At a press conference for Hollywood star Valentine Stella, Aggie raises the question to Stella’s agent about Faye since Stella was seen with her, only to have the question pretty much ignored as his agent claims they are out of time and rushes his client away from the conference.

Joe tells Dolores that Aggie is the one they want on their side and they have a meeting with her. Aggie proves she is a vault full of valuable information as Dolores and Joe try to make a deal with her for her help. Aggie’s information leads to The Ambassador, a high end hotel that also happens to house a call girl racket. Dolores makes her move, armed with Aggie’s pistol and infiltrates The Ambassador looking for answers.

I like how Harvey progresses the story in Angel City #3. I am already a fan of L.A. Times reporter Aggie. She looks like she has been around the block and has a million stories to share. Janet, can I get a spin off story with Aggie? Dolores is going deeper down the rabbit hole and one can only guess who or what is going to be waiting for her at the end of it. I am still digging the artwork by Levens and Filardi. The art has an older feel to it and the way the city is crafted is gorgeous. The shading captures the mood of the story and grasps that Hollywood sunset type feeling, while keeping the gritty noir style.


Buy It. Angel City isn’t your typical noir story. Yes, the plot is a familiar, classic whodunit, but the characters stand out and are the heart of the story. If you are a noir fan or even if you aren’t, I would recommend you to check out Angel City #3 and of course you have to grab issues one and two! Take a break from the guys in capes for awhile and check out the dame with a gun.

Dave Hildebrand
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