Adventures of Auroraman #3

Writers: Jeff Burton, Dan Collins
Artists: Colin Work, Sharon Gauthier
Colourists: Jason Sylvestre, Sharon Gauthier
Letterers: Jeff Burton, Sharon Gauthier
Editor: Martin Boruta
Publisher: MiniJeff Productions

Review by Josh Rose

The Burton family goes to watch a football game featuring the Canadian Football League’s Saskatchewan Roughriders in The Adventures of Auroraman #3. As luck would have it in any comic, our antagonist comes to ruin any fun that might be had. Weizen the Wheat Monster intends to destroy the football stadium and return the land to its natural state.

I think this is one of Jeff Burton’s better stories. He takes the time to develop a full story, provides a reason for Weizen to be there, and has Auroraman and new hero Cartridge defeat him. Burton could have taken the time to introduce new readers to Weizen more carefully. I wasn’t sure what his name was until the final panel of the story, whether he called himself “The Prairies” or really why he wanted to turn the stadium back into farmland.

Apparently this isn’t the first time Auroraman has tangled with the Wheat Monster, but that story has yet to be published. Burton intentionally set this up like readers picked up a random comic off the shelf, so don’t worry. This story would be better if you already knew who Weizen is as a character. Auroraman hitting his head on the car door as he retrieves his staff felt kind of unnecessary.

Burton’s lettering has definitely improved over the last couple issues. His sound effects enhance the story, and his dialogue bubbles show the intensity. I’m not a fan of Cartridge’s dialogue bubbles simply because I think they’re a bit too complicated when a smooth bubble would do instead.

Colin Work’s art has also improved, with the body proportions and faces looking better in comparison to his early work. That said, I do take issue with some of the panels. I understand that Work was trying to conceal Cartridge until a great reveal. But, his execution of it is wanting. We know that Cartridge is Jeff’s son Zack, but we don’t fully see him except for two occasions. We see him transform into Cartridge and the great reveal in the showdown with Weizen. In those panels where we see parts of Cartridge, it lacks a focus. We just see half of Zack’s face and half of his hand, or a crowd and part of his hand. We can’t really understand what’s happening. I feel confused by too many panels.

Jason Sylvestre comes in on The Adventures of Auroraman #3 for the colours and does a pretty good job. Weizen looks like he’s made of wheat, and I like the colours uses for Auroraman and Cartridge’s powers. That said, I think Sylvestre could have been a little more consistent with the colours of Cartridge’s powers so readers don’t confuse his actions with Auroraman’s.

Dan Collins and Sharon Gauthier wrap up their Lil Auroraman and Friends story from The Adventures of Auroraman #2. Collins left last issue on a bit of a cliffhanger and continues the story as the “ghost” haunts Camp Northern Lights. I thought this story would end up more like what happened in The Adventures of Auroraman #1 where a villain was trying to shut down the summer camp. Instead they have a nice little plot twist that really was quite a pleasant surprise. Gauthier’s art as always is fun to see, and I especially love her colours when one of the characters turns invisible.

The Verdict: Check it out.

The Adventures of Auroraman #3 features a great Canadian superhero who finds himself in all sorts of situations. Auroraman stories, which don’t often go on longer than one issue, hearken back to the Silver Age of comics where this was the norm. And it features a fun backup story about kid versions of popular Canadian superheroes. Auroraman is definitely worth checking out.

The Adventures of Auroraman #3 will be available for purchase through the Auroraman Facebook page.

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