Whenever we look for new comics, we always want something that out of the ordinary. Whether it be something bizarre and wacky or something sweet and standard, there’s still a bit of a need for comics to step out of the box. This day in age, the good lovers of comics are doing everything they can to give you something different in what comics could be. What better way to give readers the ‘what the hell’ brand of comics they need than with a lot of horrors, a bit of violence, and a lot of 1980’s nostalgia with monsters galore? If this piques your interest in the slightest, then you might want to check out Chase The Moon

Chase the Moon a 100-page graphic novel created by four of the best dudes, Drew Moss, Kevin Cuffe, Bob Frantz, and Chas! Pangburn. Up now on Kickstarter, Chase The Moon tells the story of kids who fall in love with a monstrous gang war around them. And I mean monstrous in the most literal sense I could explain. 

The brief synopsis on the Kickstarter is better than anything I could possibly write. It states, 

It’s Halloween, 1986. Witches, vampires, mummies, and ghouls are everywhere. Among these creatures is Jason, a werewolf, whose life is nothing but conflict. As a member of the “Lunatics,” an infamous wolf gang, Jason is locked in a constant life or death struggle with the other horrific crews that prowl the streets…and the special police units that hunt them.

Jason is in love with Sam, a promising college student. The young lovers are the living embodiment of “Never Tear Us Apart.” It’s just too bad they are living in a “Die Die Die My Darling” world. Sam has it all figured out, though. She is transfering to a university far away from these troubles and has asked Jason to accompany her. Naturally, Jason is at a crossroads. He can either choose love and abandon his crew…or stay with the only family he’s ever known, while losing the love of his life. 

Meanwhile, Griffin, a charismatic warlock and leader of the “Hex”–the most powerful gang in the city–calls for a midnight summit of all the city’s gangs in an attempt to forge a truce and end the constant battles with humanity. This radical idea is met by opposition. Not so much from the other gangs who have grown weary of the endless bloodshed, but by Griffin’s own brother, Simon–the paranoid firebrand. He views humanity as a nuisance that needs to be eradicated. After a squabble between the two brothers, Simon brutally murders his brother and frames Jason for the crime.

It’s panic on the streets as Jason and the Lunatics are now public enemy number one. Every gang in town are gunning for the Lunatics, as the crew make a mad dash out of the city! 

That sounds pretty damn dope, right? Wait, there’s so much more. Within their Kickstarter, you get an incredible overflow of awards to grab. They give a WIDE variety of things you can get. No backer will feel left out of this stage because you get so much comic goodness for your buck.  For example, for $20, you’ll not only receive the digital PDF for Chase The Moon. You’ll also get a digital 6×9 sketch by Drew Moss. For $50, you’ll get a mini print, physical copy of the graphic novel, Chase The Moon stickers and trading card, a digital PDF and Sharpie Sketch. 

Filled with romance, horror, thrills and chills, Chase The Moon carries so much of we love in comics. Chase The Moon‘s campaign ends in seven days with a goal of 25,225 to put into the production, printing, and fees of this incredible project. Back this project now. You won’t regret it. 


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