The boys are back! Old Xian took a mini hiatus from 19 Days but now she is back with another chapter of 19 Days! In the last chapter we saw Mo saving a dog from being killed on the road! Will he save a cat this time?! Let’s find out…

We see Jian Yi and Zhang having lunch in school discussing our silver haired bodyguard when they’re overheard by He Tian whose still wondering where Mo Guanshan is. Little Mo has gone home to see his mother whose about to drop a bombshell on him.

Poor little Mo! We were given the impression in an earlier chapter that he didn’t really like his father but, as this chapter proves, he looks up to his dad. He clearly respects him even though he’s in jail. Saying that we don’t really know why he is in jail. I’m pretty sure we’ll find out soon enough. My heart slightly broke when he said he’d made friends, even though I’m pretty sure he’s not referring to the boys at all.

The father mentions that he hasn’t let Guanshan see him for a few years out of embarrassment. I wonder how many years it’s been? From Mo’s reaction I can only take a guess and say that he hasn’t seen him since he was little. This chapter has also been a chance for us readers too Mo’s softer side. His defences are all down in this chapter and it makes a change from the short-tempered young boy we usually see.

Next Chapter:
I think it’ll be centred around the boys in school since we’ve just had to chapters focusing on Mo Guanshan and his storyline. Whilst I was in the middle of writing this article another chapter was up straight away so I already know what’s going to happen and I cannot wait to show you guys!

You can read 19 Days here.

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