19 Days: Day 215

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THE BOYS ARE BACKKK!! My favourite manhua boys are back in another installment of 19 Days!! Last time us tianshan fan girls and fanboys were spoiled when He Tian and Mo Guanshan ended up (literally) stuck to each other in the lift. Whether we get a continuation of that… I doubt it. I think in the next chapter we’ll have some more Tianshan service, but this time we’ll be going back to Jian Yi and Zhang’s storyline. The last time we saw Jian Yi and Zhang they were both still in Jian Yi’s place arguing over who was going to wash first and we still didn’t get to find out how Zhang is feeling. So, what is going to happen this week? Well let’s find out…

Jian Yi is ordering two chicken rolls for himself and Zhang, and their sitting in the park. They’re approached by this little girl who informs them that she was sitting on their seat yesterday. Of course the boys are left bewildered at first, however our little lady demands to know who they are (aggressive little tyke). Of course Jian Yi is more than happy to tell her who they are…

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So…are they or aren’t they together!?!? How does Zhang really feel!?! Why is Old Xian stretching this!?! I honestly want to know how he really feels. He’s not denying it, but I feel as if something is slightly off. I feel as if Zhang is being slightly out of character. Anyone else sensing that vibe?

Also I couldn’t really write this recap without commenting on Jian Yi’s choice of outfit for this ‘date’. Doesn’t he look handsome!!! He’s also wearing a black t-shirt too, does that mean we’re about to witness more ‘gangster’ Jian Yi? All the bad boys (She Li, He Tian) always wear black t-shirt so is this a subtle sign that we’re in for… Jian Yi character development?! I hope so!! I think it’ll be interesting to read. I feel like he’ll act his usual self around Zhang and the other boys, but he’ll be a completely different person when confronted with other he might see pose as a threat. I cannot wait to find out!!

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