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Old Xian has stated that they’ve finally finished their new Artbook which I cannot wait to buy! We’ve already had some sneak previews of the 19 Days boys. They’ve also created official art of the characters while working for Mosspaca Advertising Agency, which produces adverts for companies in the form of manga storytelling. Old Xian has created many adverts for various companies, including McDonalds. Now that they’ve finished their Artbook, we can expect quicker updates!!

Last time, we saw He Tian arriving at Mo Guanshan’s place and dragging him to his friend’s photography studio where Mo Guanshan had some to do work. So what’s going to happen now?!

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Mo Guanshan is still helping out at the photography studio when he’s stopped by someone working there. The man immediately asks a woman what she thinks of him. She then says, “His attitude is pretty fitting.” Of course, Mo Guanshan ignores both of them and carries on with his work.  Whilst working, he smells He Tian’s lunch and asks him if he can buy him some. Instead, He Tian gives him his fork, which he’s purposely covered in saliva…

I found this chapter really cute and sweet. We slowly see another side to He Tian. I believe the fandom expected him to be aggressive again with Mo when he said he wanted to go home but instead he caves. He bows. The theory that’s also running through the fandom is that Mo Guanshan is going to become a model of sorts. That will be such an excellent story!! I believe the He Tian knows about it too, hence why he wants him to stay.

I really do hope that Mo Guanshan character develops slightly, maybe drop the bratty attitude. There may be a shift coming in their relationship and I don’t think it’s going to be smooth sailing. I can see Guanshan struggling with his emotions for He Tian, and that’s going to be tough to read.

You can read 19 Days here

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