Old Xian has managed to reach a milestone this week by giving us 19 Days: Day 200. It’s been about two years since 19 Days started and what a rollercoaster it’s been! What started as a a cute little story about two friends in school has become a mafia based, teenage angst filled with identity crisis romance, and everything in between. It started off with just two boys; Jian Yi and Zhang Xixi, then we were introduced to our heartthrob He Tian and last year we were introduced to his love interest Mo Guanshan. It’s been a fun, suspenseful, and exciting journey and we cannot wait for the next 200 chapters! In the last chapter Guanshan had a nasty shock when He Tian turned up to his house and interrupted his alone time, has anything developed since?

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He Tian has made himself incredibly comfortable on Guanshan’s room, much to Guanshan’s dismay. He really wants to get rid of He Tian but he isn’t budging. He Tian (menacingly) asks Guanshan to turn around, but he refuses, at which point He Tian forces Guanshan onto the bed…

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Opinion (SPOILERS)
Okay, I think anyone in the Tianshan ship will agree that He Tian needs to calm down, or take it down a notch. Both He Tian and Zhang are quite aggressive and sometimes violent with the other boys, one difference is Zhang isn’t forcing any feelings onto Jian Yi while Tian is. I also think that Guanshan needs to loosen up too. Neither of them convey their feelings in a healthy manner. Guanshan is too standoffish and needs to let his guard down slightly and let Tian in a bit more whilst Tian needs to dial it down and not force his feelings onto Guanshan. Both have a lot of growing up to do and I cannot wait to see their relationship develop. I believe their relationship will definitely take a new step in the next chapter or two. I believe they will both open up to each other in the next chapter or the chapter after that.

You can read 19 Days here!

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